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Joyce Ching

About This Project

The episode opens with a terrified young woman running through the halls of San Selino College at night. She sees terrifying things like a dead student wearing an old uniform of San Selino. When she finds herself clad in the same uniform, she becomes more terrified when she is scourged by an unseen force while a diabolical female laughter is heard. The young woman dies after being stoned and having her forehead sliced by a razor being held by an unknown female hand with a sleeve of a nun’s habit.

Ten college students of San Selino College spend their weekend in the campus. Joy (Kim Chiu), Lui (Gerald Anderson) and their 8 friends were assigned to prepare an exhibit in exchange for lifting the suspension of their organization. The exhibit was also meant to be part of their graduation. On their first night, one of them, Nicole (Niña Jose), presumably the young woman at the opening scene, disappeared without a trace.

Joy wakes up from a nightmare and tells her story. Before midnight, she picked a mysterious class picture named “Rubi 1898” in the school’s storage room. The picture shows an all-female class with a nun seated at the center. The second incident of this picture involved Blue (Eda Nolan) and Pinky (IC Mendoza) when they dumped the trash. Blue took a look at the nun in the picture wherein the nun smiled. Suddenly, she was unknowingly captured by the same unknown force and she too, vanished. The spirit then kills Blue by apparently slicing her arms when she was stuck to a chair in a classroom.

Joy discovers sinister writing in a classroom building window. The words are written in blood saying “No Me Mires Fijamente”. When the group goes to the library, they try to translate the Spanish blood graffiti only to fail at first. Scanning the yearbooks for information, they find “Rubi” was a class section supervised by Sister Maria Belonia (Jean Garcia). They also discover a similar class picture of the same section with a male teacher standing at the middle in place of Belonia, revealed as Virgilio, who became the substitute adviser during Belonia’s absence. In the same yearbook, Joy discovers three students, namely Crisel, Sabel, and Adela, who were the missing students of the “Rubi” section.

The group finally discovers from the computer translator that the Spanish words mean “Do Not Stare”. Little that the group knows that the “Rubi” picture Joy picked up is a possessed photograph and that the bloody writing was a warning saying that anyone who looks at the nun at the cursed picture will disappear and die.

The dark answer is revealed at this point; Belonia must seek three students from them. Lui looks at the picture and spots their group mates in the photo; Nicole, who found the picture in the first place and Blue, who scanned a look at it. Joy reveals that she is the next to be taken for accidentally looking at the nun before she is abducted by the same unknown force. Also at this point, it is revealed that Nicole was the young woman in the opening scene and that the spirit is the demented soul of Sr. Maria Belonia herself, revealed to be an evil nun teacher who haunts the school in return for a terrible oath done in the past; her responsibility of the death of the institution’s students in the Spanish Colonial Period.

Joy runs through the school’s hallways in order to escape the wrath of Sis. Belonia. She sees the three missing students in a room being scourged by Belonia and once she is gone, Joy frees the trio. At this point, it was revealed that Sister Belonia tortures students either for being disobedient or small mistakes. Crisel, Sabel, and Adela, in retaliation, wrote a letter to their headmistress nun, Mother Agnes, for Belonia’s actions. Mother Agnes, upon learning this, reprimands Sis. Belonia for her brutal and torturous manners of disciplining the three girls and her class. When the day for the class picture arrived, the headmistress realizes that their class have the said three girls missing. She then suspends Belonia from San Selino (this later explains why she utters the words often) and tells her that she cannot come back until the three students are found. In return, she committed suicide but not before swearing that she will complete her class’ picture, (which explains her vengeance to take three students). Later on, she finds herself now clad in the Hispanic period San Selino school uniform.

Lui and Greg (Prince Stefan) chased Joy but arrive too late during the final confrontation at the school’s theater hall/auditorium as the doors were tightly shut and locked by the angered spirit of Belonia, who was ready to take Joy. Lui tried to tear the picture but it proved impervious as mere physical force cannot destroy a curse made by a spirit.

Realizing this, Joy asks the help from the spirits of three missing students. Surprisingly, the ghosts of Crisel, Sabel and Adela reappeared too and tore the picture apart. A screaming Belonia vanishes from the living world and is placed into the depths of hell. The ghostly trio peacefully then depart for heaven. With all the terror ended, the group finished and inaugurated the exhibit, but were suspended for unexplainable loss of their classmates, a fact that made their school status parallel to Sis. Belonia, Crisel, Sabel, and Adela.

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