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Rosabelle “Belle” Garcia

About This Project

In 2034 Belle (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) is in a deep coma. The nurse played a voice recording of Babs (Xian Lim) retelling about their past. The first time Babs saw Belle (Kim Chiu) he already chosen her but Belle doesn’t like Babs due to his being obese. Until one day they meet again in the coffee shop after she was rejected by her long lost father Senator Perry Tantoco (Johnny Revilla). Babs gave her a slice of cake and they build their friendship together. They became bestfriends even Babs has a secret feelings with Belle. Until Belle meet Carlos (Daniel Matsunaga) and become her boyfriend. Even Belle and Carlos are together Babs is still there for Belle until he saw Carlos cheating with his ex Annika (Shy Carlos) from Belle. She confronts Carlos and he gets angry and walked out from Belle. Belle chased him to apologize until she have an accident.

Back in 2034, Belle wakes up from a coma and realizes that everything that she had is already gone. Her beautiful face, her happines. Papa Time (Benjie Paras) shows to her and offered her a second chance to fix her life. They go back to the past. Papa Time brings Belle to Carlos and she seen what Carlos did to her. Until Belle meet her younger self on the day when Belle will meet Carlos. Belle introduces to her younger self as Bhe. She asked Belle to take her to the hospital to avoid meeting Carlos. Bhe succeeded to stop Belle meeting Carlos in the restaurant. Babs came to the hospital and when Bhe will a test Carlos in the hospital and He meets Belle.

Belle was invited in Carlos’s bar she can’t leave Bhe in the hospital. Babs still wants to support her he offered to look for Bhe so Belle can go to Carlos.

In Carlos’s Bar Belle meets Carlos’s friend. Bhe woked up and asked Babs where’s Belle and she panicked when she known that Belle is with Carlos. Carlos is convincing Martina (Bianca Manalo) to be the endorser of his Vodka. Belle befriended Martina and she asked her to accept Carlos’s offer. Babs and Bhe came and they saw Belle is hugging Carlos.

Bhe and Babs are drinking together and they confessed their emotions. When Babs is already drunked he said to Bhe that he is inlove with Belle.

Bhe take Babs home drunked. She is confused that Babs loves her and Papa Time shows up telling her how she will see Babs if her head is always turned to Carlos.

In the Morning Belle arrived in Babs house to see him but Babs is still in his room with Bhe. Belle suspected something happened with Babs and Bhe. Bhe blackmailed Babs that she will tell that he is inlove with Belle if he didn’t gave Bhe a job and allowed her to live in his house.

Belle is invited by Carlos to see her again and Bhe is scared to happen what she doesn’t want to happen again. Bhe tells Babs that she knows the future and there’s a flower surprise of Carlos to Belle. Babs saw it he believes her. Bhe wants Babs to be liked by Belle.

Bhe helps Babs to lose weight to have a Grand Gesture to Belle. Bhe did everything to help Babs.
When Belle is with Carlos she realizes that she and Carlos are not same. She called Babs and she tell everything. She told Babs that they are for each other.
Next day Babs is preparing everything because he will confess his love for Belle. Bhe wants to stop him because he still not ready enough. When Belle arrives and she is expecting that the surprise is from Carlos. Babs confess his love for Belle but she is expecting from Carlos. Babs was so embarrassed and he run away but he collapsed.
Babs is in sick. Belle blames Bhe because she and Babs has a plan for her. Babs is rejecting Belles call and he is avoiding her until he decided to go to San Francisco to move on from her.
Belle missed Babs very much. One night Belle and Bhe saw Carlos but she was not affected. She is affected from Babs until one day Babs came back with lots of changes. He is already slim.
When Babs came back Belle is hoping to fix everything with Babs. Babs came back just to help them to do their project for Carlos’s launch and he will go back to San Francisco to study. Babs is so hard with Belle until they have some moments that feels like they are restoring what they are before.

Belle wakes up beside Babs. They kissed but Babs remember the days when he was rejected and embarrassed by Belle. He tells Belle that he is scared to love her again and they will never restore their friendship anymore. Belle hurts and tells Babs that she don’t want him to be a part of her life anymore.

Bhe talks to Babs pretending Belle and begs him to forgive Belle.

Babs goes to Sen. Tantoco office to talk to him. In the launching of Carlos’s vodka and also the day of Bhe’s deadline and a night when Babs going to leave. Babs and Belle are not talking with each other. Bhe saw Papa Time warning her about her deadline. Bhe tells Belle that they are only one and begs her to make up with Babs. Bhe ask Papa Time for an extension of her last 45 minutes to fix her life but in their rule limited time offer only. She discoved to Papa Time that Babs will have an accident and she looks for Belle to convince her to stop Babs. Babs left to go back in San Francisco.

Belle saw Martina and greet her and Sen. Tantoco approaches Belle and Bhe comes. He asked Belle’s forgiveness for avoiding her and he already accept Belle as his daughter. He told Belle that he was approached by Babs and Bhe convince Belle again. She tells everything to Belle and she asked Bhe how did she know everything and believed her.
They chasing Babs just like they are chasing Carlos before. Babs realizes that he can’t leave Belle so he gets back.

Belle and Bhe hits Papa Time and Bhe asked Belle to continue chaising Babs instead of helping him just to avoid the truck that will cause their accident. Bhe helps Papa Time and the truck arrives and realizes that she stopped the accident.

Belle and Babs already see each other and they apologized. They have their happy ending. Papa Time asked Bhe if she is ready to go back to the future but she still watching her happy ending until a truck coming to Belle and Babs.

Back in their future Belle wokes up again from a sleep and she thought that Babs is already dead. But Babs (Richard Yap) arrived and Belle stops from worrying. Babs tells Belle about their accident that Belle pushed Babs to save him and she got hit by the truck and her face did not changed but her happy ending with Babs remains. She realizes that she woke up not from a coma but from giving birth for her third child with Babs. The same day they celebrating their wedding anniversary and 27 years of their friendship.

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