Lovespell: My Boy, My Girl | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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Stephanie “Stephen”

About This Project

Stephanie who longs to be the center of attention. With busy parents and a brother who’s the apple of everyone’s eye, Stephanie thinks she’ll be happy if she gets into the ‘mean girls’ clique. But popularity always comes with a price, and in order for her to belong into the in crowd and get the ‘mean girl’ necklace she has to get herself a trophy boyfriend. Along comes exchange student Simon the perfect boy toy, and soon he becomes head over heels in love with Stephanie. But when her ex-best friend Joy finds out the truth, all hell breaks loose and Simon curses Stephanie because of her cruelty. Stephanie when she wakes up the next day, terrified to find a boy looking back at her in the mirror. Will Manong, a known albularyo, be able to help Stephanie out of her dilemma? Or is she stuck being Stephen forever?

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