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Isabelle Miravelez

About This Project

2005: Prologue

The series begins with Samuel’s and Mona’s son Gabriel narrated the story of his parents & his wife Andrea and sister-in-law Natalia parents Franco and Isabelle.


Eduardo Hidalgo (Tirso Cruz III), a wealthy landowner based in Salvacion, Negros Island, has a relationship with one of his plantation workers, Elena Severino (Cherry Pie Picache). However, when Maximo Salazar (Ronaldo Valdez), the butler in the hacienda of the Hidalgo’s, learns that Elena is pregnant he manipulates a robbery in which Elena is unjustly implicated, causing her to be imprisoned only to be released on the condition she leaves Salvacion. Eduardo marries Maximo’s daughter named Miranda (Cherie Gil), not knowing Elena is pregnant with his son. Elena and Miranda give birth to their respective children named Samuel and Franco, with the latter not being Eduardo’s son but that of a beauty contest judge. Luis (William Lorenzo) assumes the role of a father to Samuel but dies later on. With a heavy heart, however, Elena and her family are forced to return to Salvacion in the years that follow.


In the era of the sugar boom in the small town of Salvacion, two children from opposite sides of society will meet: the young Samuel Severino (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Isabelle Miravelez (Alyanna Angeles). Samuel is the son of a sugarcane plantation worker named Elena, while Isabelle is the daughter of wealthy couple Gonzalo (John Estrada) and Rebecca Miravelez (Angel Aquino). Through Isabelle, Samuel meets Franco Hidalgo (Louise Abuel), the son of wealthy landowners Eduardo and Miranda. A natural-born farmer, Samuel teaches Franco how to plant sugarcane and in return, Franco teaches Samuel how to read.

One night, a wildfire strikes the sugarcane field. Amidst the tragedy, Samuel is able to save Isabelle. However, with the influence of his grandfather Maximo, Franco claims he was the one who saved Isabelle. Relentless in their pursuit to know the truth as to who was behind the fire, Gonzalo and his right-hand man Pacquito (Ronnie Lazaro) was able to pinpoint a farmer as the culprit. To prove that the farmer was innocent, Samuel reveals that he was there when the fire happened and told everyone that he was the one who saved Isabelle. This ignites a rivalry between Samuel and Franco.


After studying in London, Isabelle (Kim Chiu) and Franco (Jake Cuenca) return to Salvacion. Meanwhile, Mona Roque (Julia Montes), the loyal friend and secret admirer of Samuel (Coco Martin), also returns to Salvacion from Manila where she studied. Samuel, on the other hand, continues his fight for injustices against the workers. In the midst of social turmoil, love develops between Samuel and Isabelle, to the consternation of Franco and Mona.

A planned elopement and wedding between Samuel and Isabelle is foiled by Gonzalo and Maximo, in favor of Franco. Samuel is abducted, electrocuted and buried alive, but a priest saves him. Isabelle ends up marrying Franco. Mona seduces a drunk, heartbroken Samuel; their one night stand eventually results in their marriage and the birth of their son named Gabriel, while Isabelle and Franco are blessed with a daughter named Natalia.

Things get worse when Eduardo reveals that he is the biological father of Samuel. In addition, Rebecca divulges Franco’s real identity. Maximo accidentally kills Miranda during a gunfight between him and Gonzalo, and is subsequently imprisoned as a result.

Franco suffers an accident but despite recovering, he pretends to be crippled in order to gain the sympathy of others, especially Isabelle. Isabelle becomes pregnant with Franco’s second child but Franco believes that this child is Samuel’s. Franco is able to make Mona and the townspeople believe in a lie, causing a jealous Mona to flee Salvacion with Gabriel despite not having the permission of her family. Samuel catches up with them and joins them along with Lupe and Calixto to Manila. While in Manila, Samuel and Mona enter a university while fulfilling their duties as Gabriel’s parents at the same time.

Franco decides to run as Mayor of Salvacion, while Eduardo seeks another term as Governor. They both emerge victorious.


The plantation workers hold massive protests against Franco, who was then the corrupt mayor of their town. Samuel is implicated in their so-called rebellion and is arrested and tortured, only to be released as Eduardo leads a hunger strike. Eduardo, who had remarried to Elena, supports their son’s gubernatorial bid against Franco, who is backed by Maximo. During the election, Mona is killed in an ambush ordered by Maximo, who also helps Franco cheat his way to victory. Gonzalo anonymously divulges Maximo’s dishonest acts, but is caught, captured, and beaten by the latter and his men.

Gonzalo manages to escape Maximo’s men, and files cases against the old man. Maximo is captured and detained following a police operation. He had aimed his gun at Samuel but Eduardo was hit by the bullets and dies later that night. Maximo attempts to escape jail by bribing the police chief and faking his death, but his attempt becomes unsuccessful as Gonzalo and Pacquito intercept his hearse. Gonzalo opens Maximo’s coffin and buries Maximo alive along with his gold bars and poisonous snakes even as the latter pleads for his life and offers to pay him.

Before the protests and elections, Maximo is released as a result of a presidential pardon, and vows to bring down his rivals. He orders the burning of the Miravelez mansion. As a result, Isabelle prematurely gives birth to Andrea. However, Franco believes the child is Isabelle’s illegitimate child with Samuel. Franco abuses Isabelle and uses his children to keep her from leaving.
To save Isabelle from Franco’s battering, Samuel plans to flee to Manila with Natalia and Andrea.

Franco learns of the plan and manages to get Natalia from Isabelle. On the night of their elopement, Franco plants a bomb on the ship where Samuel, Isabelle, and their families and friends are taking going to Manila. The bomb explodes. Samuel, Isabelle, Gabriel, and Andrea find themselves losing their beloved ones and separated by fate. Gonzalo then told Gabriel to be like his father and defeated Franco, for which he had promised.

In the aftermath of the explosion, a dying Elena gives Andrea to Roger (Neil Coleta) and Esther Sanggalang (Marlann Flores) who then raise her; not knowing the real identity of the little girl, they name her Jacqueline after their deceased daughter. Elena, her parents Damian and Trinidad Severino, Gonzalo and Rebecca all perished in the ship explosion, and Gabriel is left to the care of Mona’s sister Lupe Roque (Meryll Soriano) and her friend (and future husband) Calixto de la Cruz (Lester Llansang). Days later, an old lady finds Isabelle and takes care of her, while Samuel confronts Franco and is unjustly imprisoned for 20 years.

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