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Andrea Hidalgo / Jacqueline Sanggalang

About This Project

Lupe (Rio Locsin) and Calixto (Nonie Buencamino) moved to Manila along with Gabriel (Yogo Singh) and their newborn daughter Darlene, after learning that Franco had engaged in land grabbing of Samuel’s properties. Gabriel grows to become a quarrelsome boy, planting the seeds of his revenge against Franco.


Franco (Christopher de Leon) walks away with impunity, having been elected as Senator and interested in the presidency. Gabriel (Coco Martin) begins his revenge against him by sabotaging Natalia’s (KC Concepcion) wedding to James (Bryan Santos) as he produces photos showing the latter flirting with another woman.

A kind-hearted jail warden named Roman (Dennis Padilla) helps Samuel (Joel Torre) escape from jail. Samuel eventually locates Calixto, Lupe, and Gabriel. In order to begin life anew and help Gabriel exact revenge against Franco, Samuel and Calixto briefly return to Salvacion to dig and sell the gold bars that were buried with Maximo when he was buried alive by Gonzalo and Pacquito before the ship explosion.

Isabelle (Amy Austria-Ventura), introducing herself as Dolores, helps Esther (Arlene Muhlach) after the latter collapses in a public market. She becomes friends with Esther and Roger (Smokey Manaloto), and later meets Jacq (Kim Chiu), whom she is able to recognize as her daughter Andrea.

Gabriel enters into a relationship with Natalia, only to destroy their relationship later on in favor of Jacq (whose real identity Gabriel is not yet aware of) as part of his revenge against Franco. While courting her, Gabriel follows her to Salvacion, accompanied by Jacq. Natalia informs her father’s chief of staff and mistress Tessa (Mylene Dizon) about somebody who looks like her mother. The paths of Franco and Jacq then cross as a DNA test proves a father-daughter relationship between them.

Franco holds a party introducing Andrea as his daughter. Isabelle sneaks into the party and Franco sees her Isabelle makes Franco believe that she has an amnesia but its false.Franco lets his wife and children live in the same home, and locks Isabelle and Andrea up to prevent them from escaping again. Natalia got into a fight with Isabelle and Andrea. Later on, Franco came and stopped it by slapping Natalia. Andrea and Isabelle meet up in the room and Isabelle tells Andrea the whole truth about herself and Franco. Unluckily, Tessa recorded their discussion in which they plan to escape with Natalia. Franco forces Isabelle to renew their vows, but Isabelle acting with a fake amnesia, tells him that they should not go to fast into renewing the vows because it is a decision for 2 (Franco and Isabelle). During this occasion, Samuel and Gabriel successfully rescue Andrea and Isabelle, but the following day, Natalia can only helplessly watch as Franco ruthlessly murders Samuel.

Charges of murder, falsification of documents, and domestic violence are filed against Franco, but despite a legislative inquiry and the issuance of a warrant of arrest against him by the NBI, he refuses to surrender, holding Andrea hostage. With Gonzalo’s words from his past during the ship exploration, Gabriel decided to duel Franco in a ship, but Franco falls off the ship to his death after getting pierced by the ship’s anchor. In the end, Andrea marries Gabriel and it is implied that Gabriel has regained the land in Salvacion that Franco took away from his family.

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