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Melissa “Issa” Benitez

About This Project

Lizelle Jimenez (Angelica Panganiban) is in a new relationship with Surgeon Adrian

Benitez (Gabby Concepcion).

Everything appears to be going well until Adrian’s daughter from a previous marriage, Ysa (Kim Chiu), arrives from abroad and lives with them. Ysa, spares no time in showing her dislike for Lizelle, unbeknownst to Adrian.

Adrian is sued for malpractice and the investigation start to cause conflict in Adrian and Lizelle’s relationship.

Feeling unwanted Lizelle finds comfort in the seductive photographer Gary Angeles (Derek Ramsay) whom we discover early on as the ex-boyfriend of Lizelle (of four years), but is now dating Ysa.

Lizelle and Gary rekindled their romance, with the latter admitting that he dated Ysa to get back with Lizelle. Ysa tried to win Gary’s heart but Gary admitted that he loved someone else.

Lizelle and Gary decided to run away together, but Lizelle was stood up. Lizelle went back to Adrian and asked to be married to him. They were in the midst of the wedding preparation when a lawyer sought Lizelle out, stating that Lizelle is the sole beneficiary of Gary, and was shown a death certificate. Adrian went home to Lizelle crying on the sofa, admitting she tried to leave him for Gary, but he didn’t show up. Then she presented him the death certificate stating he knows Gary died because he is listed as the first responder.

Adrian recounted his story, he admitted to Lizelle that he knows she is meeting Gary that day and is leaving him. He went to Gary stating he wont give her without a fight, while arguing, Gary tried to cross the road but got struck by a car. He was dead on arrival.

Lizelle asked for forgiveness. They resolved their problems and decided to continue with the marriage. Lizelle was then shown laying flowers down at Gary’s tomb before walking away hand in hand with Adrian.

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