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Ina Del Prado

About This Project

The film opens with Georgia (Kris Aquino), Stella (Iza Calzado), and Charley watching a video scandal of a caught mistress by the wife. Charlie tells them that she experienced the same scenario and instead watched the movie with her kids at the Waltermart to avoid the wife. Stella ended the conversation that she only met Ambet at home to avoid any scandal. In a lounge bar, Chloe – the most rebellious and rule breaker mistress was embarrassed in the cancellation of credit card by her lover Gabriel. In anger she throws her phone accidentally not knowing someone was hurt. Stella helps her out of prison but asks her not to tell what happened with the other girls.

Meanwhile, Georgia was tasked by her lover to train a new woman of Frank Ayson – a rich politician and boss of her lover. She reluctantly agrees and meets up with Stella in a coffee shop to get some advice before going to the airport and meet Ina, the new mistress. Ina was ecstatic at first but became quite depressed as she learned from Georgia that despite having a luxurious condo and a luxurious life, she cannot live with Frank, for whom she left her life in Cebu for. She is even more frustrated by the rules given by Georgia, which includes never calling Frank and never showing herself in front of him unless he asks her to. She ends up depressed as the days passed and overdoses herself by alcohol. Georgia rushes her to the hospital where she meets Chloe.

The next day, Georgia introduce Ina to Stella, Chloe and Charlie. The girls start to form a stronger friendship and bond at SM Aura and a beauty salon using Charlie’s credit card. Ina meets up with Frank at a Christmas caravan with Chloe’s help. Georgia angrily tells Ina that she shouldn’t break her rules. Chloe discovered that Gabriel had another mistress.

In Georgia’s absence, Ina stays with Charlie and accompanies her in an auction but she is caught by Wang Gie’s wife and has been suspended from going out. Ina chooses to stay with Stella in a court room but an accident causes Stella to fly abroad leaving Ina alone. She decides to go back to Cebu to reunite with her family but is disappointed when she sees that they have learned to live a life without her. This convinces Ina to stay a mistress.

Ina attends Adelle Ayson’s birthday party to get a glimpse of Frank with Chloe’s assistance. Georgia was horrified in the meeting of the two and confronts Chloe. The incident separates Chloe from the rest of the group. A news breaks out that Ambet Villoria is missing and the mistresses reunite with Stella who is hiding him in a safe house. Prior to the accident, Ambet was diagnosed with cancer and is nearing death. After a talk with Gabriel’s wife, Chloe faces her friends again but nobody is interested to listen to her realization that their lovers will never choose them.

The girls learns that the police has found their location through Chloe. Charlie decides to break a rule in order for Stella and Ambet escape using Frank Ayson’s influence and the public plane of Wang Gie. Georgia has one more rule for Ina and both of them leave their partners.

In the end, Chloe accepts the job that was offered to her, Stella visits Ambet’s grave, Charlie returns to the Philippines with her two kids, Georgia marries a guy with twins and Ina becomes a singer and marries a handsome guy living happily ever after.

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