Kim Chiu overwhelmed after finishing a duathlon without proper training | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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Kim Chiu expressed an overwhelming sense of accomplishment after finishing her first duathlon for 2018.

The actress shared a long post on Instagram where she detailed various aspects of the experience that put her in 10th place for her age category in the Pilipinas Duathlon Series Leg 1 held at Clark, Pampanga, last Feb. 25. Chiu said she had not trained properly for the duathlon and had been months since she stopped biking or running outdoors.

“4km 25km 4km sounds easy but the first run got me nervous after I passed the starting line dun palang nag sink in “OMG nasa race pala ako (OMG I’m in a race)!” said Chiu.

According to her, the bike course was particularly difficult because it was filled with “never ending UP HELLS to the NTH level!!!”

At some point she wanted to give up, just get off the bike and push it up the hill, but decided against it and soldiered on.

For Chiu it was never about the podium finish. She said, “joining this kind of races makes me know myself even more, every race I discover something new about myself.” You may read her full post below


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