LOOK: Kim Chiu reunites with 'PBB: Teen Edition' friends | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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She began her showbiz career with them.

So it’s no wonder Kim Chiu had a huge smile on her face as she reunited with the housemates of the first season of “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition,” more than a decade since it aired.

She was seen in photos with Jamilla Obispo, Olyn Membian, Nina Jose, Fred Payawan, Joaqui Mendoza and Mikki Arceo.

“A lot has changed but still our fondness to each other remains the same!” Chiu wrote, adding that they went for an unplanned road trip to Pangasinan after grabbing dinner that night.

“Even if we all have to work the next day still we didn’t mind as long as we’ll all have FUN!! #Yolo till our next roadtrip!?”

It was back in 2006 when “Pinoy Big Brother” edition starring Chiu aired. She was named the grand winner, with Mikee Lee and Gerald Anderson finishing second and third, respectively.

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