Kris Aquino gives verdict on ‘The Ghost Bride’ | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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Queen of All Media Kris Aquino recently shared her insights on Star Cinema’s Halloween movie offering, “The Ghost Bride”.

As an actor and a film enthusiast, Aquino made a point-by-point verdict of the latest blockbuster movie of her close friend, Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu.
“‘The Ghost Bride’, a must watch cinematic horror film experience!” Aquino wrote. “It was an afternoon well spent experiencing exceptional Filipino filmmaking!”

Aquino cited masterful direction, cohesive storytelling, impressive special effects and the depiction of “truthful Filipino family situations” as some factors for her praise of the film.
Aquino was seen watching the movie with her son Bimby. Chiu also joined the mother and son.

Aquino is popularly known as the local “horror queen” because of her blockbuster horror hits, including the “Feng Shui” films and “Sukob”, which were likewise directed by “The Ghost Bride” director, Chito Roño. With the success of “The Ghost Bride”, some are regarding Chiu as the next horror queen. She however said that she can never replace Aquino, who has proven so much in the industry. Clarizel Abanilla/JB

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