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“The Ghost Bride” has grossed over P 15 million in its opening weekend. People are lining up to see Kim Chiu in this horror film. The story revolves around Chiu’s character, Mayen, who is trying to save her family from being homeless. Her solution is to become a ghost bride in order to inherit her deceased husband’s riches. But her actions have consequences when she unleashed a deadly curse upon herself and her loved ones.

Here are a few reasons why “The Ghost Bride” should be on your November watchlist.

The Ghost Bride, 5 Reasons why it’s a must-see

The Plot Revolves Around Chinese Tradition

Director Chito Roño is known for his expressive style of storytelling especially when it comes to obscure tales. Now he deals with the ancient Chinese custom of being betrothed to the dead. The characters being of Chinese descent adds authenticity in portraying the traditions on screen. Chito felt the lead role was perfect for Kim Chiu, who is of Chinese heritage. Chiu has expressed her excitement about the film, as it can inform viewers about another Chinese tradition which is not too known to the public. “The Ghost Bride,” was even filmed in Chinatown Binondo. It helped guide the story around the concept of unfamiliar Chinese customs and ancient traditions.

The cast also includes Christian Bables, Robert Seña, Ina Raymundo, Alice Dixson, Beverly Salvejo, Isay Alvarez, Nanding Joseph, Mon Confiado, Cacai Bautista, Victor Silayan, Luz Valdez, Matteo Guidicelli, and Jerome Ponce.

It Is Kim Chiu’s First Solo Movie

“The Ghost Bride” is Chiu’s first movie without a leading man or a love team partner. The actress has been in the industry for over a decade now. If you look at Kim’s filmography, you would notice it was either with Xian Lim or Gerald Anderson. And it’s a great start for her first solo film. Earning 15 million on its first day means success for the actress’ future solo endeavors.

Her rumored boyfriend, Xian Lim may not be starring with her in the film but he fully supports her. On Instagram, Lim posted a photo of him cuddling with Chiu and wrote: “To this delicate petunia, congratulations!” He also attended the first screening of the movie to support Chiu.

‘The Ghost Bride’ Tackles An Actual Ancient Practice

The plot revolves around the idea of marrying the deceased for easy money. Angie Lao (Alice Dixson) is a local matchmaker who suggests to Mayen about becoming a Ghost Bride. This is an ancient Chinese tradition. It is also called “Ghost Wedding.” It is practiced in some parts in Northern China.

It has been practiced for some 3,000 years. The reason they marry the dead is to ensure that even those who die single will not be alone in the afterlife. Originally, these weddings were strictly for the dead. But as time went by, the living can marry the dead. Some reasons why this tradition is still alive are to have a continued family lineage or to provide progeny to a man who died without descendants.

One of Kim’s Relatives Was A Ghost Bride

Chiu is familiar with many Chinese practices and that includes this eerie marriage custom of being betrothed to the dead. According to the Inquirer, The cousin of her grandmother became a ghost bride. But her grandmother did not choose the same fate because she wanted children.

Becoming a ghost bride also means instant money. Especially if the woman was paid by a deceased man’s family to continue the dead man’s line. A woman married to a dead man had to dedicate herself to the man’s family. When asked if she would want to be a ghost bride, she said yes. But since both she and her family are financially stable there is no need to marry the dead.

Matteo Guidicelli’s Character

Matteo Guidicelli plays Clinton, the boyfriend of Mayen. He immediately said yes when the role was offered. Because he always wanted to work with Director Chito. He is one of Guidicelli’s dream directors to work with and it finally came true. Aside from working with Chito, Guidicelli was intrigued by the plot of “The Ghost Bride.” He found the custom of arranging ghost marriages interesting. He also fell in love with his role.

His character Clinton is a very passionate and loving family man. Another reason why Chiu’s character becomes a ghost bride is that of heartache. Clinton breaks-up with Mayen because he was betrothed to someone else. He wants to keep the promise his family has made and push through with the arranged marriage.

“The Ghost Bride” promises to be this spine-chilling and exciting film about marrying the dead.

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