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CHINATOWN – Fascinating Chinatown in Binondo is the setting of “The Ghost Bride,” topbilled by Kim Chiu, directed by Chito Roño, and written by Charlston Ong and Cathy Camarillo.

“The Ghost Bride” explores the mysterious world of the ancient practice of looking for a bride to marry – in a way – the dead eldest son of a Chinese family. In exchange, “The Ghost Bride” is well provided for, assured of generous financial support and inheritance.
The Philippines has the distinction of having the oldest Chinatown in the world. Chinatown with its narrow winding roads dotted with restaurants, shops selling medicines and trinkets, fruit and vegetable stalls. And temples where ancient rites are held.

WILLING – Asked if she’s willing to be a ghost bride, Kim who’s half-Chinese, said yes…if it meant saving her family from penury. But of course she didn’t have to be one as her showbiz earnings are more than enough to provide for her loved ones.

Showing on Nov. 1 (All Saints’ Day), “The Ghost Bride” promises a mind boggling, spine-chilling Halloween movie, where Kim enters the mysterious world, marrying the dead so that others may live.

As she goes deeper and deeper into the unfamiliar world, she uncovers shocking truths that puts her life at risk.

CO-STARS – Alice Dixson, Matteo Guidicelli, and Christian Bables lead Kim Chiu’s co-stars.

Contrary to “rumors,” Christian has no frontal nudity in “The Ghost Bride.” But he would have gladly done it if asked by direk Chito. But that is neither here nor there.

The rest of the Cast:

Ina Raymundo, Robert Sena, Beverly Salviejo, Mon Confiado, Cacai Bautista, Jerome Ponce, Victor Silayan, Bea Saw, Isay Alvarez, Nanding Josef, Elizabeth Chua.

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