Kim Chiu made a pact with the devil in ‘The Ghost Bride’ | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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The ghost bride is a lesser known Chinese superstition to Philippine culture. It is where a young woman of legal age marries a dead person for a hefty sum of money.

Veteran horror filmmaker Chito Rono to work with Kim Chiu and Matteo Guidicelli

In this movie, Chiu plays Mayen who is a hard-working daughter who only wants to save money for her family. Realizing that working tirelessly doesn’t get her anywhere, she accepts an unusual proposal by a mysterious woman – to marry a deceased bachelor – which the woman believes to be the only way to lift bad luck off of her family.

The pay is great but breaking the tradition has its ugly consequences. The last few seconds of the trailer shows Mayen struggling to keep up with wedding and so the haunting on her and her family begins.

Due on November, The Ghost Bride is directed by Chito S. Roño starring Kim Chiu, Matteo Guidicelli and Alice Dixson.

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