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Are you willing to be a ghost bride?

Produced by Star Cinema, ‘The Ghost Bride’ is much-awaited horror movie this November helmed by Chito Roño starring Kim Chiu with Matteo Guidicelli, Jerome Ponce, Bea Saw, Luz Fernandez, Kakai Bautista, Beverly Salviejo, Elizabeth Chua and Ms. Alice Dixson.

According to Direk Chito, his two writers (Cathy Camarillo and Charlson Ong) did an intensive research on an old tradition and culture that is still practiced in other parts of the globe. They even went as far as Nepal to shoot important scenes about Buddhist practices.

Kim is Mayen. Luz is Matteo’s (Clinton) mother. Matteo is Kim’s boyfriend. Elizabeth is the last artist of the Chinese street opera performers. Kakai gets recruited. Bea (Jane) is Mayen’s best friend. Jerome (Matt) is Kim’s brother. Beverly is Kim’s auntie, demented who sees things. Alice arranges the marriage. And more interesting characters of Ina Raymundo, Robert Seña, Isay Alvarez, Christian Bables and Mon Confiado.

Direk Chito started on the premise of a ‘what if’? The supernatural scheme of things of an arranged marriage with the dead.


For Kim, “I heard na the story of my Lola and the culture of nagpapakasal sa patay. And my other Lola told me her story. Nakakagulat nga na meron pala na ganito. When she learned na ghost bride ‘yung role ko na-enlighten niya ako with the reasons why some do it. Depende sa pangangailangan. When you die, you need a family after life. Para hindi magkaroon ng mga hungry ghosts. Patay na my lola na naging ghost bride. Napa-aral niya mga kapatid niya hanggang sa mga apo niya. And had many businesses. 100 plus years old na siya. My other Lola na nagkwento sa akin is 89 years old na.

“If the situation calls for it, na hindi ako naging Kim Chiu ng showbiz, I would probably do it. Para sa pamilya ko pa rin.”

And Kim again, got a different fulfillment working with Direk Chito.

“Basta lang naman, huwag kang male-late.”

“Lahat blockbuster. Sa akin naman, working with Direk Chito is, huwag ka lang balat sibuyas. Kasi naranasan ko ‘yung masabihan ng T-A-N-G-A sa tenga ko. Late ka! Pero mababaliw ka rin naman sa kanya kasi after the take magpapatawa na siya na parang wala namang nangyari. Importante ang opinyon mo sa kanya. Kaya natututo ka rin. O, ‘di ba masarap ‘yung ganoong direktor. Hindi puchu-puchu ang trabaho. At saka ang nakakatuwa, ‘pag reading ia-arte niya sa ‘yo ‘yung gusto niya makita sa eksena.”

“Sa storycon pa lang, sabi na ni Kim sa akin, mag-ingat ako. Kaya first kinakabahan na talaga ako. Nabawi naman sa dubbing. Sobrang pressure. He’s very meticulous. Mula pa lang sa blocking. And bantay niya the way you have to deliver your lines. And dream come true for me to have worked with him.”

On the side, Matteo was asked about the news circulating that his bride-to-be in real life has left her home. The rumor mill keeps circulating that it was Sarah’s (Geronimo) management who gave her P1-M to start living on her own.

Matteo denied it.

“Nope. Hindi siya lumayas sa kanila. Doon pa rin siya umuuwi. Where that came from eh, hindi po totoo.”

Direk Chito knows how to wield his magic wand in as far as doing horror flicks are concerned.

In “Feng Shui,” we had Lotus feet. “Sukob,” took us to the edge of our seats. Now comes “The Ghost Bride,” the most mind-boggling Halloween movie which takes us into a new world, in the realm of the netherworld marriage!

Kim does it again in horror after “The Healing” with Vilma Santos. Will this earn her the title “Horror Princess” or Queen for that matter?

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