Kim Chiu Launches Her Official Website | Kim Chiu's Official Website
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After dipping her toes into the world of music, Kim Chiu is ready to take on a new challenge. Today, the actress launched her official website,, marking her official entrance to the bloggosphere.

The website is set to have exclusive, never-before-seen content from Kim, including exciting video blogs from her travels and shows. Did you know that she went on a 6k run in Toronto this year and also went skydiving? Neither did we! Thanks to her new website, now we can keep track.

Also on the site is Kim’s complete and updated profile of magazine covers, films, and awards that chronicle her 11-years in show biz. According to the actress, this project has been months in the making and she definitely has a lot in store for her fans. She even teased on Instagram that there will be live chats, behind-the-scenes videos, and more photos coming up in the future!

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